name: erin
birthday: january 26th
pronouns: she/they/don't care
likes: languages, writing, art, history, reading, video games
dislikes: discourse, stupid takes, social media, tedious tasks

  • i am very new to coding websites, i've taken one robotics class and that was about it, so beware of bugs and bad design lol.

  • i really want to be able to find new friends that share my interests and hobbies.

  • i am currently conversational in korean and i know a little bit of french and irish gaeilge, but would like to learn more. i love learning languages and the etymology of them. i hopeto learn many other languages as well in the future.

  • i love to write, and mostly write short stories and scenes. i want to write a full length novel, and am in the process of a couple wips. i tend to focus on horror or more gothic writing, as it's what i enjoy the most in media. i also love analyzing media! i love seeing other peoples writing and art in general, i think indie or personal artists/writers are fantastic.

  • i love animation! i often spend hours on youtube looking for horror animations and i love anime mostly for the art. yes i love spiderverse and arcane. i also want to animate my own little projects but animation is really hard lol.

  • gender is confusing and i don't like labels so i'll just leave it at that. she/they pronouns are just the ones i use the most.

  • i don't usually write about myself so this was kind of hard, but i want the people who come to my page to know a little about the person who made it. hope you enjoy!


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