new entry:


i've been busy these past couple months and honestly i kind of forgot i had this site lmao. been doing a lot of reading and writing, working on my wips. this website is so public yet so private, it really makes it hard to write things out. i decided to change the layout a bit, mostly the colour scheme because it felt a little empty. i watched the newest starkid musical: 'nerdy prudes must die', and became majorly obsessed with the whole universe lol, i binged the entire series and now i have nothing to do with this obsession but stew in it. anyways, its been fine, mostly. lots of pain since its getting colder now.


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old entries:


my computer charger broke so i wasn't able to update this site for a while. i got a new one though so its all good! i started rock climbing and it's actually really fun and i'd like to keep doing it and getting better. i'm thinking about changing the layout of this site but i put so much work into it i might just leave it for a while. i've been binging vampire media and am (once again) obsessed. i've always really liked vampires so this isn't much of a surprise if you know me lol. i think that's about it.


i'm trying to figure out how to move forward with my site. i'm not really sure how i should structure the 'things i like' page or my art page. i drew a header and another drawing that i want to add to the front page but i have No Idea How. it is a little frustrating so i'm kind of procrastinating on doing those things lol. i want to add more content to the site to make it enjoyable to go on and click through but i am just a little stuck. i know neocities isnt the most active place but i would like to get to know more of the community, and i want to add more creativity to my own site.


here is my first journal entry! i am not really sure how to do this. ok, so, it's been summer for a little while now. summer is one of my favourite seasons, along with autumn. i used to think i didn't like summer, i was kind of an edgy kid and so i wanted to like the "darker" and "cooler" seasons like winter. i don't know why winter was my go to and not the halloween season lol. now, i find i have a nostalgic love for summer. it still feels the same as childhood when things like christmas no longer do. i've been very busy this summer. lots of family bbqs and kayaking or whatever. it's tiring, but nice. i'm glad i am spending the summer actually doing summery things instead of just sitting in my room all day.