welcome to my inscape! my very own home on the web for all my thoughts, creations, and interests.

status: i have been to the hospital too many times this month
listening: sonne - rammstein
reading: the iliad - homer
watching: its always sunny in philadelphia
obsessed with: simon stalenhag's electric state


i decided to make this website because i wanted a space thats not only all to myself and fully customizable, but also where i can share all my creative hobbies without feeling shame or embarrassment. i'd like to have a place to dump all my interests!

i don't want to make this site in a way that caters to other people more than myself, and i don't want to have to filter myself or my interests.

anyways, i just hope to have fun with this and to possibly make some new friends.

this site is coded 100% by me from scratch!

buttons and blinkies not mine


best viewed on desktop at 110%!


  • finish last pages
  • add media review page
  • fix music player
  • add glowy text
  • add scanlines
  • more blinkies in me page
  • put status cafe under abt me
  • title boxes


23.11.9 changed up the layout, am still working on some of the pages *music player does not work

23.08.17 updated journal.

23.07.08 added header finally! don't know how to get rid of the watermark tho :(.

23.07.07 (again) updated me page and home page.

23.07.07 new journal entry & status change.

23.07.06 added journal page! i'll add the more interesting things soon i prommy.

23.07.03 added me page, changed status

23.06.23 changed the font, background, and messed with the opacity a little.

23.06.20 (again) added status section!

23.06.20 changed layout!

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